We take the pain out of parsing Whois data with our Whois API.

  We deliver our API via the Mashape API Marketplace with a generous free tier. This means you can download a pre-generated client for our API in your favourite langauge and try it out today.

Example output

  "registrant": {
    "address": "Obfuscated whois Gandi-63-65 boulevard Massena", 
    "city": "Obfuscated whois Gandi-Paris", 
    "country": "FR", 
    "email": "c2868977e7fdb64afe194cffcac747f2-1171755@contact.gandi.net", 
    "fax": "+33.143730576", 
    "name": "Mark Frawley", 
    "phone": "+33.170377666", 
    "postal_code": "75013"

Example output

  "address": [
  "name": "nametoolkit.com"


Sure it's simple to parse but nslookup is a commonly requested API feature so we also provide a JSON API for this.